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Your guests will be treated to an outrageous evening of fun and excitement in our Sports Village. At the entrance, guests will walk through a Stadium entrance arch displaying a greeting of your choice welcoming them to the party. This entrance will give your guests the feel of walking through the players tunnel down into the locker rooms of the professional teams! A locker wall, bench and referee greeters will complete this entrance vignette.

We will create an impressive look throughout the entire ballroom area by suspending hand painted murals of sports legends. Colorful uplighting will enhance each of these pieces and create a colorful glow throughout the room.

Creating a festive mood at each of the tables will be our imaginative sports table treatment. We will alternate tables with different sports themes creating an exciting look. The tables will include; Indy racing, basketball, football, baseball and boxing. A variety of memorabilia from each of these sports will be displayed atop a themed table linen enhancing this great event!

An authentic full “boxing ring” will be installed as the dance floor for this event. A box truss will be flown high above the boxing ring (dance floor). “Ropes” to the boxing ring will create an impressive look to this authentic set. Colored washes of lighting and sports gobos will shoot out to each of the walls, enhancing the theme and making it as though each sport is on stage. Additionally, intelligent lighting fixtures will be positioned on the truss to light up the dance floor and give your guests a club like feel. This lighting package is décor in itself, when the lights go out and our color lights go on the room turns into an impressive sports theme night!

Showtime Events'  #1 DJ will perform hits of yesterday and today. He will take requests, lead interactive dances, and provide your guests with the music that will allow them to enjoy this festive night.

As other forms of entertainment positioned around the room will be a multitude of sports bar games including; dart boards, foose ball, air hockey, pool tables, ping pong, pop-a-shot basketball, football toss, Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Daytona USA racing, Alpine skiing and putting challenge.

Finally, what would a Sports Bar theme be without an actual “Sports Bar”? We will build an authentic hard wood bar in the center of the ballroom up to 40’ long depending on available space. This will be an island bar and allow guests to sit at the bar on both sides. Televisions will be positioned around the bar showing current games or past championships, your choice. Sports pennants, team banners, jerseys and memorabilia will be displayed throughout the “bar” area on brick walls completing the “Sports Bar” look.

This incredible sports night is one all of your guests are sure to remember and a guaranteed good time for all!


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