Fire and Ice

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As the guests enter the main ballroom for dinner, they will see a mysterious room glowing in white and soft blue colors creating an “ice” feel welcoming them to the evening festivities.  Each of the walls surrounding the perimeter of the ballroom will have white fabric draped with specialty lighting focused upon them.  The specialty colors will be able to change from the soft white & blue colors of “ice” to the red hot color of “fire” as the evening progresses! 

Impressive service bars will be made of ice creating a unique and impressive “ice bar” vignette!

The table treatments will continue this theme and provide the guests a sense of incredible elegance as the evening transitions from “cool – ice” to “hot – fire”.  Each setting will consist of an acrylic table that is lit from beneath with a battery operated LED light pack.  This LED pack can be controlled remotely to allow the tables to transition and change color throughout the evening.  Satin white table linen will be used to create the perfect palate for the underlighting and enhance the look of each portion of the night.  In the center of each table we will feature a custom ice sphere with a single flame (or object of your choice) to further enhance the powerful expression of this table treatment!  Chairs will be covered in white spandex to further accent the theme. 

The stage set will change formats throughout the course of the evening as well, featuring the cool look of “ice” at the onset and transitioning to the hot look of “fire” as the evening progresses.  The stage will be the main attraction during dinner for the awards ceremony and entertainment!  This is an incredible “hot” event that is guaranteed to “WOW” your guests!


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