Cajun Swamp

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Creating a perfect theme for your special event, we’ve created a “Cajun Swamp Party”!  As guests enter they will pass through an entrance with signage above reading “Welcome to (company name) Cajun Swamp Romp.”  Guests will feel like they are actually crossing into the swamp, as they pass by old weathered posts and pilings, crawfish traps, fishing nets and a multitude of other swamp items. 

Inside, your guests will choose something to drink at one of the shops reminiscent of an actual swamp roadside stop.  Joe’s Crawfish Shack and Billy Bob’s Alligator Post.  The food station décor will consist of alternating green, purple, and gold linen accented by fish net overlays and voodoo beads. 

The table treatments will consist of black floor length linen accented by burlap over lays.  Creating attention in the center of the table will be authentic hurricane lamps, draped with Spanish moss and authentic florals found in the swamp that will bring this theme alive.  All chairs will be covered in black spandex with burlap accent ties. 

Creating a unique stage set for the evening will be a Cajun swamp backdrop.  Accenting on either side of the stage will be crawfish traps, rope, fishing nets, buoys, pier posts and pilings and trees with spanish moss to complete this set. 

We will bring an authentic feel of being on the bayou right here at your event!  Additionally, colorful spotlighting will be provided to enhance the theme and create a warm glow in the night air.


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